What participants in our DBT groups wanted to share

Inspiring words left by other participants

Even though we do not ask for testimonials, clients sometimes want to share their experiences to help others who struggle with similar difficulties. help determine if the STG services for BPD and BP are the right way to go.

The below testimonials are displayed as is. STG does not claim copyright to any of the words, nor takes responsibility for the content.

“I just want to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the amazing opportunity to provide feedback about my experience in the 28-week Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Group with STG in Saskatchewan.

If it hadn’t been for a family member recommending this group, I would still be stuck on that never-ending 3+ year waiting list with those provincial resources. Can you believe it? Three years of waiting would have taken a toll on my mental health and been devastating for me and my loved ones.

I vividly remember feeling an overwhelming sense of hopelessness when I first received the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. It felt like a death sentence, especially with all those online articles suggesting that there was no possibility of healing. But let me tell you, that is simply not the case for me!

Joining this group has completely transformed my entire life, and now it feels more like a close-knit family. I can genuinely say that I have found a life worth living. The progress I’ve made in my relationships with family and friends is truly astonishing, leaving them pleasantly shocked at the confident young woman I’ve become today. Fear and anger no longer control me; instead, I can communicate effectively while compassionately understanding my own feelings.

Honestly, I cannot emphasize enough how much this group has saved my life! I will forever be grateful for the invaluable tools and skills I’ve learned from our sessions – tools that I put into practice every single day! Thanks a bunch, from the bottom of my heart!”

Client’s name is not displayed for confidentiality. – Regina, Saskatchewan.

“I attended a therapy group called Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) from September 2022 to April 2023. This program assisted me greatly by teaching me how to control my emotions better using techniques such as mindfulness and opposite action. Consequently, I am now capable of handling challenging situations without becoming excessively emotional.

I also learned from this program how to manage stress without resorting to harmful behaviors, which has made me feel more empowered. The people in the group were extremely supportive, and we could communicate with each other openly. The program had a structured setup that allowed me to steadily progress every week.

Thanks to this program, I am feeling much better emotionally and can lead a much more balanced life. I intend to continue using the skills I learned even after the program’s conclusion.”

Client’s name is not displayed for confidentiality. – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.